Women’s Ministry:

We are real women, of all ages, sharing our faith in a friendly and caring atmosphere.

Mission Statement:
Our goal is to empower women to be all they can be in Christ.

Our common purpose is to train, to support and to care for one other. Together we are a testimony of God’s great love.

The Women’s Ministry was birthed out of a Prophetic Word based on Judges Chapter 4. Here the Bible talks about Deborah, a prophetess, whose name means Honeybee. It was a call for women to arise, and to care for and to fend for one another.

One little bee is not a very intimidating force, but a hive of bees is quite another story.
Our rally: Deborah Arise!


Krista Gosselin has been going to church her whole life. She was baptized at five years of age and received the Holy Spirit at eighteen. Her passion to serve is evidenced by heading up the Women’s Ministry for ten years. She believes that God uses the experiences of life to shape us into His image so that we in turn can help others.

It is a great pleasure to serve the wonderful women in the kingdom of God.

Main Contact:
Name: Krista Gosselin
Email: Honeybeeladiesministry@hotmail.com

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